T&Cs – Colgate Smiles Club Nykaa discount offer

  1. The Nykaa discount code has been issued by Colgate Palmolive India Ltd (“CPIL”/ “Colgate”) to the registered members of Colgate Smiles Club. The discount codes are procured by CPIL from Nykaa E-Retail Private Limited (“Nykaa”)
  2. Codes are valid for a limited period only. CPIL reserves the right to modify or cancel codes at any time.
  3. The code offer will not be valid until it is applied to the qualifying items accessed through the below mentioned URL only.
  4. Code details:
    a. 10% additional discount on MRP, over and above ongoing offers
    b. Valid only for CPIL registered members on Smiles Club in India, above 18 years of age and Indian Nationals only.
    c. Not applicable on shipping, handling and packaging charges (if any)
  5. The promotion is limited to one code per customer, code once used cannot be reused. In case the code is misplaced or misused or non-functional due to technical issues, CPIL shall not be responsible for the replacement or substitute code to be provided. Also in case the code is not applied before making the purchase, then no subsequent credit or discount etc. shall be provided.
  6. The code may not work in combination with
    a. offers on other products on Nykaa or
    b. any other promotional offers (like cashback, seasonal discount, etc) on CPIL products and/or other products
    c. Any other terms and conditions as may be mentioned by Nyka
  7. In case of inability to use the code due to any technical reasons, then CPIL shall not be responsible for the same.
  8. It is recommended to have the Nykaa India shopping cart empty prior to initiating the purchase of Colgate products (in the journey where application of the discount code is intended)
  9. Code are subject to be declared void prior to expiry if
    a. restricted or prohibited by law or any force majeure conditions;
    b. any condition/situation requiring to do so at the discretion of CPIL, Nykaa
  10. Colgate and /or its agency will never demand or solicit or request for - (a) any advance payment or request for any kind of payment or charges whatsoever for the code; or (b) any financial information of your accounts, credit or debit card etc; or (c) clicking any link or subscribe any suspicious link etc. The members are requested to exercise extreme caution while dealing with any suspicious email or any kind of communication.
  11. The decision of Colgate as regards to the utility or validity of the code shall be final. No correspondence or any other claims whatsoever, in this regard will be entertained.
  12. No queries, claims, dispute, complaints or grievances pertaining to the promotional offer or the discount code shall be entertained by Colgate or its facilitating partners from the date of the closure of the Promotional Offer.
  13. The code is not transferable, and cannot be converted or traded into/ for cash or any other form of instrument or currency etc.
  14. The images used on collaterals for the promotion of the code are for creative representation only. The actual product SKUs are subject to availability & the fulfillment by Nykaa.
  15. This utility and validity of the codes shall be subject to Indian Laws and in case of any disputes, the Courts at Mumbai, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.
  16. Standard force majeure terms apply to this Promotional Offer including government restrictions and inability to operate / perform due to reasons of pandemic situation etc.
  17. CPIL is not responsible for any deviation/faltering/non-fulfillment/oversight in following aspects of the business handled by Nykaa India
    a. Payment failure or related issues on Nykaa India website/app
    b. Quality of products delivered
    c. Quantity of products delivered as against ordered
    d. Date of validity of products delivered
    e. Packaging
    f. Timeline for delivery
    g. Any other issue pertaining to Nykaa’s business operations & system
  18. Helpdesk Tab:
    For any queries related to utility of code prior to placing the order on Nykaa India website/app, you may email us at
    Call 1800-225599
    Lines open from Monday to Friday between 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  19. Colgate may amend, update, extend, change, terminate, cancel, suspend etc. the terms hereof without any further notice and their decision shall be final in this regard.