Note to Consumers

Colgate is one of the world's most trusted and reputed brands, and we ensure consumers that their safety is our utmost priority. We maintain the highest world-class quality standards to ensure that all of our products are safe and provide distinctive oral care benefits.

To enhance those benefits, last year we began delivering to retail customers in India a new formula for our Colgate Total toothpaste to deliver more benefits than the original formula with triclosan. This new Colgate Total formula provides all the benefits of the original formula plus additional benefits, including: sensitivity relief across all variants, instant neutralization of odors associated with bad breath, seeking and fighting bacteria for enamel protection, and new cooling flavors for lasting freshness. Triclosan is no longer an ingredient in any of our products.

Unfortunately, an article that began circulating online last year paints a false picture of the safety of our original Colgate Total toothpaste formula with wrong attribution and inflammatory headlines as often used by “fake news” sites. We regret the unwarranted concern it is causing among some consumers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and leading health regulatory agencies around the world had reviewed and confirmed Triclosan to be safe as used in our original formula.

Colgate has served generations of families in India and the world over, and we stand behind the safety and quality of all of our products.